Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts - Split

6/20/14 · Kind of Like Records, Flower Girl Records, Broken World Media · FLWR-007

The 2014 split release between Old Gray and Tiny Moving Parts, featuring two songs per band.

Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

9/2/2011 · Flower Girl Records, Broken World Media · FLWR-006

The second EP from Old Gray, originally out in 2011. Reissued in 2015 with a refreshed track listing and b-side etching.

Sorority Noise - Forgettable

05/13/2015 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-005

The debut full-length album from Sorority Noise.

Old Gray - An Autobiography

3/11/2013 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-004

The debut full-length from Old Gray.

old gray - slow burn

12/09/16 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-003

old gray's long-awaited follow-up to an autobiography.

Cameron Boucher - Some Covers

3/08/2016 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-002

Old Gray - Demo 2011

6/30/2015 · Bad Timing Records, Flower Girl Records · FLWR-001

The first and only pressing of Old Gray's four song debut release, Demo 2011.